About Me!

My name is Frank Portman and I am a Data Hacker / Scientist / Statistician / next fancy buzzword, currently residing in San Francisco, California. I originally hail from NYC (east coast best coast) and after a quick pit-stop in Houston for college (Rice University Class of 2014 Mathematics/Statistics) found myself in sunny Silicon Beach working in tech. Two years later and I’m in San Francisco working at Uber HQ.

As you might have guessed from the tag-line, I’m into using data in creative ways. I like to describe myself as a “Full Stack Data Scientist”- I handle everything from product design and testing, to exploratory data analysis and (interactive) visualization, to building and deploying real-time machine learning algorithms at scale, to producing fault tolerant ETL/Data pipelines that power products and reports.

My Anti-Resume highlights a few things, outside of work, that I’m into. Check out the Projects & Software for more serious stuff. My blog is also syndicated on R-bloggers.



Will sell data science services for food + skiing. Seriously. I’ve been skiing for almost 14 years now, and I’m hoping for at least 70 more. Back country powder or bust. Here are the stats from my last day on the slopes. Maybe I’ll do something cool with TraceSnow data if they ever release an API.

Project Euler

Projet Euler is great for sharpening mathematical thinking and translating number theory and combinatorial knowledge into code. PE has helped me develop my R coding abilities, both from syntactical and efficiency standpoints. I will post about particularly interesting Project Euler solutions so stay tuned. Here you can keep up with my progress:


Kaggle is an awesome online community where users compete in Data Science challenges. Companies can outsource their data problems and people will battle with each other to obtain the most accurate model - often for cash prizes. I love participating in these competitions as they are a great way to develop your data mining skills and really think like a data scientist. My profile can be found here. The Kaggle titanic competition was one of the first I had ever competed in. You can check out all of my source code for it here. This includes models made in R, submissions, cleaned data, etc..

Latest Competition : Criteo Ad Retargeting


If you want to contact me, you can reach me at frank1214@gmail.com. I’m always looking to connect with other people in the community. Also available for statistical consulting.

Thanks for reading.